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February Vote Contest

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This month coming up, February, we will be having a voting contest!

Use /votesites in-game to vote or go to the sites below!

Check your progress in-game with /vote top

  1. $100 Amazon Gift Card
  2. $50 Amazon Gift Card
  3. $40 Gaminglight Gift Card
Voting Sites

Grand Opening - 40% OFF Sale

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Thank you to everyone that helped us test the server in BETA! We are now considered LIVE! I know there are still some bugs but the majority of major bugs have been worked out. We will still continue to make constant updates! IP:

Beta Testing 50% OFF Sale

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While our Minecraft is still in Beta Testing we will be having a 50% OFF sale which will end once Beta testing has concluded in a few days! This is so we can test donations fully. All items bought during Beta stages will carry over into the live version of our server. Gaminglight Minecraft | Welcome

Update Beta Testing

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Hello everyone!
By now you have probably already heard that we are in fact opening a Minecraft server! We will start out with the server being Factions and as it gets more popular move into other gamemodes. We will be getting people to beta test as everything right now is very buggy and there are a lot of things that need to be finished and fixed! Please make an account on here and respond if you are interested in helping us with beta testing.

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