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  1. Zeeptin

    Skyblock Scam - Androntel

    I added it to the rules as well.
  2. Zeeptin

    Skyblock Scam - Androntel

    No one should really be scamming anyone. I don't even know why you would think of doing that.
  3. Zeeptin

    SignShop Plugin and More Extensive Rules

    Sign Shops should work!
  4. Zeeptin

    Hoppers not funneling

    Should be fixed!
  5. Zeeptin

    All bugs i have found

    Yes I would need all of them to fix it.
  6. Zeeptin

    All bugs i have found

    What do you get kicked for?
  7. Zeeptin

    All bugs i have found

    They have access to the control panel now!
  8. Zeeptin

    All bugs i have found

  9. Zeeptin

    Adding storage solutions

    Upped the Hopper Limit for donators. Just to prevent a ton of lag!
  10. Zeeptin

    SkyBlock Suggestions

  11. Zeeptin

    SkyBlock Suggestions

    So make things give you less money?
  12. Zeeptin

    Unfair chat ban

    Saying that you were "scammed" is not helping your case.
  13. Zeeptin

    February Vote Contest

    This month coming up, February, we will be having a voting contest! Use /votesites in-game to vote or go to the sites below! Check your progress in-game with /vote top Prizes $100 Amazon Gift Card $50 Amazon Gift Card $40 Gaminglight Gift Card Voting Sites Vote for Gaminglight |...
  14. Zeeptin

    disable of teleportation

    Try using /tpo to disable the person's toggle.
  15. Zeeptin

    Changing server to 1.7 or 1.8

    We will not be switching back to 1.7 as we would have to redo the entire server to make all the plugins work properly.
  16. Zeeptin

    So Regarding The End

    Let's hear what people think of this!
  17. Zeeptin

    1.8 PVP

  18. Zeeptin

    Chilies_' Staff Application

    Improve your activity on the server.