can you revoke the changes or the island levels please?


Feb 12, 2019
why was that even changed? whats the point of setting the cobble generator level higher to accomodate for higher island levels and then setting the island levels down. its a double nerf and really not needed, can you please instead of tweaking things that do not need tweaking fix things like items just dissapearing when you drop them, blocks not dropping anything when mined, the insanely high spawn rate and insanely low loading distance of the server wich makes building a bigger farm useless, thus setting the building cap on the server extremly low, the Legendary enchantment books not dropping magic dust when recyceled anymore, pickaxes with autosmelt not dropping anything other than diamond and coal or adding signshops because to make a decent amount of money you literally have to permanently stand in front of your farms and craft or sell the items in them because the spawnrate is so hight hat the chests fill up nearly as fast as you can empty them or just all of that? or respond to forum posts about improvements, bugs, glitches, etc.