A11elujah Staff App


Feb 27, 2019
What is your Minecraft Username? A11elujah
When did you create your forums account? Feb 27 2019
What timezone are you in? Est
What country do you live in? U.S.A.
Do you have any prior experience? Owned a few servers nothing big, helped upkeep rules on a few servers no real dev work. As for out side of minecraft i have been a commander of 12 man fleets in eve online for the last 2 years and before that i helped run one of the largest alliances in eve. So i may not have much experience in staffing in MC, but I do have experience as an authority figure.
Do you have software to get evidence (e.g. ShadowPlay, OBS, etc.)? OBS
Why do you believe you should become a helper? I believe in the golden rule (treat others how you want to be treated). With this in mind I'd help new players get used the community that I'm fairly new to myself. Provide guidance and a friendly ear for problems. With me being home 24/7 (yes I'm lucky and work from home) I can be around at a moments notice.
How long can you actively be on the server? Im on like 4-8 hours a day sometimes more my friends say Im a cyborg mostly once im built up id like to hit 4-5 hrs
How long have you been playing Minecraft? 13 October, 2014 date i bought minecraft
Have you been banned on ours or another server? If so, why? Once on a(n) adventure server (first server i ever played on) for having 1000 chickens in a 2x2 as it was causing general lag and players would lag out around my base. Unbanned afterwards with a promise to not over do it with the chickens.
Do you hold a donator rank on any of our servers (Factions/Skyblock)? SKYElite

P.S. Judy i know said id app up in a month but i got thinking if I'm already thinking of apping then why wait. Worst that happens is I'm denied.
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Judy Hopps

Feb 6, 2019
+Staff Experience

+Decent Application
+Friendly player

+Plently of play time
-Never Gives me love.

You would fit for a great staff member. You're very chilled and calm i had no issues with you while playing/chatting with you since i met you.

~Thanks for applying to help out the server.