MK Staff Application

Mar 16, 2019
What is your Minecraft Username? MEGAM1CAH, nick MK
When did you create your forums account? 3/16/19, but then again i never new there was a forum up until today.
What timezone are you in? Eastern Standard Time (US)
What country do you live in? America
Do you have any prior experience? Yes, actually. I used to be a moderator on another server before it went under.
Do you have software to get evidence (e.g. ShadowPlay, OBS, etc.)? Yes. I have Wondershare Filmora Scrn and OBS
Why do you believe you should become a helper? Let's be honest. This server is under protected. I see people getting kicked every five minutes.
How long can you actively be on the server? Pretty often for my standards. I have to go to school but other than that I try to get on as much as possible. I’d say about 4-7:30 weekdays, excluding Wednesdays. I can be on during most weekends.
How long have you been playing Minecraft? Years. I'd say about 3-4-5ish
Have you been banned on ours or another server? If so, why? No.
Do you hold a donator rank on any of our servers (Factions/Skyblock)? No. Then again, I'm broke. I plan to get one soon. EDIT: Yes. Now I do. Premuim
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