Quillian_'s (Quilly's) Application


Mar 12, 2019
What is your Minecraft Username? Quillian_

When did you create your forums account? 4 days ago (Monday 10th March)

What timezone are you in? GMT (+00:00)

What country do you live in? England

Do you have any prior experience? I held both 'Builder' and 'Moderator' ranks a while back, but slightly more recently (A year or so ago) I co-founded (co-owned) a server with a friend.

Do you have software to get evidence (e.g. ShadowPlay, OBS, etc.)? Yes, I have OBS

Why do you believe you should become a helper? I spend the large majority of my free time on server and only regularly see JudyHopps online and would be more than happy to help out in any way that I can

How long can you actively be on the server? I'm online almost every evening (UK time) from 6 - 11 (Weekdays) and from around midday on and off until 11pm (Weekends)

How long have you been playing Minecraft? Since update 1.0 back in 2011

Have you been banned on ours or another server? If so, why? No

Do you hold a donator rank on any of our servers (Factions/Skyblock)? Factions - Premium
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