Recruiting S.C.P Foundation

Jan 29, 2019


The SCP Foundation is dedicated to containing strange anomalies that may otherwise cause catastrophic damage across the land of Minecraft. These objects, known as a "S.C.P" are classified to level 2+ personnel of the foundation. There is currently 1 site in construction, which will be known as Site 1. The ranking structure goes as follows:

The D-Class personnel are prisoners and death row inmates. They are to be used for mining and testing on the S.C.Ps.

Level 1:
Lowest level of the foundation. May be used in case of a S.C.P 106 ["Herobrine"] breach as a femur breaker. They may only test on safe level SCPs with the permission of a level 2+.

Level 2:
Level 2 personnel are mainly researchers and security on site 1. They may test on both safe and euclid SCPs, but are to exercise extreme caution.

Level 3:
Level 3 personnel are to supervise all on-site experiments and other level 2 and level 1 personnel. In the case of a breach, they are to enter a blast shelter/panic room.

Level 4:
Level 4 personnel are made up of high ranking and senior researchers such as Dr. Diamond and Dr. Maygold. They are to supervise all personnel below them and may conduct research meetings. They may authorise the testing of a keter class SCP.

Level 5:
Made up of only the highest ranking personnel, the O5. Little is known about them but they supervise all levels and may authorise the termination and testing of any SCP object.

Current High-Priority SCPs:

S.C.P 106
Object Class: Keter
Codename: Herobrine

SCP 106 is to be contained in a 10 meter by 10 meter obsidian reinforced box, placed upon 2 layers of slime block. SCP 106 is highly dangerous, and is known to be able to forcefully pull victims into a pocket dimension known as the "Ender World".

S.C.P 8650
Object Class: Thaum---

/_\ Warning: Unathorized Personnel Detected. Please Display Security Credentials /_\
----- I.D Accepted. Please continue -----

S.C.P 8650
Object Class: Thaumial/Esoteric
Codename: Zeeptin

As of now, there are no known means to containing SCP 8650. It may roam freely, and personnel are advised to comply with all orders made by SCP 8650. SCP 8650 is very much capable of human speech, mainly english. Attitude is relaxed at most times, but can exhibit other human emotions. SCP 8650 is shown to be able to control reality itself, and may suspend humans into a dimension known as "No Access". Studying of this dimension is impossible due to unknown reasons.

We are recruiting all people and all ranks, feel free to rely to this thread with:

Level you are Applying For:
Reason we Should Accept You:



Dr Drank

Jan 15, 2019
name: deltaorange (nickname) drank
rank: class 4 ( dr maygold to be exact)
reason: i am a huge fan of the SCP fanbase and such i have a extensive knowledge of SCPs themselves i am a huge fan of the gmod server you run and ive been playing minecraft since i was a wee little boy so my knoledge of both should come in handy


Mar 24, 2019
Name : Wastelandyoda
Rank Level : 3
reason : because I survived incident [DATA REDACTED] at Site : [DATA REDACTED] I believe my knowledge could very useful to Your site
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